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      ReactionX are a set of LED pods that can help you with agility training. Connect to your mobile phone for the pods to work together at measuring your reaction time. Pods can easily attached to walls, cones, poles, and more - the combinations are set by your creativity!

      Parts List

      ReactionX Parts List


      Schematic Diagram

      ReactionX Schematic Diagram



      1. Stick the velcro on the wall or surface. Then stick the light pods directly on the velcro.
      2. Use magnet to attach on iron equipment


      Use the Pods with the App

      1. Press the power on key briefly. The pod will flash a green light.
      2. Open the ReactionX App (available on the APP Store, Android, and Google Play) and choose the training mode.
      3. After the connection is successful, check the connection number and number of reaction lamps.
      4. Click start to beginning training.


      Use the Pods Offline

      1. Press the start button for a long time. The pod will beep for a long time and enter the offline mode.
      2. The time interval and lighting color of the offline mode need to be set in online mode.
      3. The pod lights will turn off when you touch or get close to it and will turn on again after a period of time, and so on.


      Other Features

      • Pods can resist medium-strength impact.
      • Not every phone can connect up to six pods. Newer phones are most compatible.
      • 3-hour charge time and a 20-hour use time. After 5 minutes they will automatically shutdown while not in use.
      • Short press the key to start, long press the key to go into offline mode, long press the key again to shut down in the start-up state. When there is a red light at the start-up, then the pod is at low battery and cannot be used. Pods cannot be used while charging.



      The BodyPro ReactionX Pods and its parts come with a 9 month warranty against any manufacturer defects. BodyPro will repair or replace any and all defective parts with exception of the following:

      • The user does not follow proper instructions for use.
      • The user disassembled the product.
      • The user caused intentional damage to the product.